If you are interested in fostering or adopting a dog, please review and complete our application below.

If you would like a word document of the form please e-mail



Funds for Pets Inc. reserves the right to refuse any foster/ adoption application for any reason, without explanation.


As a foster parent, you will provide a safe and caring environment for your foster pet, which includes proper nutrition, grooming and veterinary care, as approved by Funds for Pets Inc.  You will work to train your foster pet so that they may find their permanent home as soon as possible.  You may be asked to bring your foster pet to adoption events, and/or to meeting places where potential adopters can interact with your foster.  If unavailable to do so, a Funds for Pets Inc. volunteer will, on occasion, take your foster pet to these events and meetings on your behalf.

Funds for Pets Inc. will provide foster families with all food and supplies (dishes, kennels, etc.) necessary and will be responsible for all grooming and veterinary costs of the foster pet.  All grooming and veterinary visits must be pre-approved by Funds for Pets Inc.


Adopters are required to pay an adoption donation for all dogs adopted from Funds for Pets Inc., unless otherwise agreed upon between the rescue and adopter. These fees are used to attempt to recoup veterinary fees from vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and any other necessary vetting. Any overage from adoption fees will be used toward veterinary fees incurred rescuing other dogs whose adoption fees did not cover their required vetting.

Puppies (12 months and younger): $350

Adults (13 months to 6 years): $300

Seniors (7 years and older): $200


Dogs adopted from Funds for Pets Inc. will go to adoptive homes on a two week trial period. If it is decided during this time that the dog on trial will not be adopted by the home, it must be returned to Funds for Pets Inc. and a refund cheque will be provided within 30 days of the adoption date.

If at any time the adoptive home does not wish to keep the dog, during the trial period or after adoption has been completed, it must be returned to Funds for Pets Inc. If the adoptive family does not comply, legal action will be taken.

If the dog has been placed, sold, given away, gifted, adopted or relinquished to another person or ownership has been transferred to an animal control officer, animal pound, humane society, shelter or rescue, Funds for Pets Inc. reserves the right to retrieve the dog. Violation of this agreement will result in court costs and attorney fees payable by the adopter if necessary for Funds for Pets Inc. to redeem the dog.

Unless for extreme health issues, no dog adopted from Funds for Pets Inc. may be euthanized or re-homed without written consent from this rescue.

Funds for Pets Inc. reserves the right to repossess any adopted dog if the rescue finds reason(s) to suspect the dog is being mistreated, or if information on this form is found to be untruthful.

The adopter(s) agrees to allow Funds for Pets Inc. to periodically check to confirm the dog’s acceptance of the new environment and family (physically, mentally or otherwise) to ensure compliance with all Terms Of Agreement conditions and to verify that the animal has been spayed/neutered in accordance with the terms of this contract. This may include a home visit.


All dogs adopted from Funds for Pets Inc. are required to be spayed or neutered. If adopted out prior to spaying or neutering, the procedure must be performed:

– within 15 days of adoption if the dog is over 6 months of age

– within 15 days of turning 6 months of age

Female dogs going through heat cycles will be the only exception. They must be spayed immediately following the heat cycle and be kept safe from all male dogs.

If Funds for Pets Inc. finds that a dog has not been spayed or neutered within the timeframes stated on these forms, the rescue reserves the right to repossess the dog at any time. Adoption fees will not be returned.


All dogs fostered/ adopted from Funds for Pets Inc. must be given heartworm prevention monthly from May until November every year. This is non-negotiable and failure to provide this prevention is deemed cruel by Funds for Pets Inc. Dogs not on heartworm prevention are subject to repossession by Funds for Pets Inc.

Please note, foster dogs will be provided with the appropriate heartworm medication at Funds for Pets Inc.’s expense.



Funds for Pets Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur in the foster or adoptive family’s home, and is not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of, or relating to dogs fostered or adopted through Funds for Pets Inc., whether framed as a breach of warrant, upon any legal theory, in tort, contract, failure of essential purpose, or otherwise.

Foster/ adoptive families are obligated to report any concerns regarding their foster/ adopted dog to the rescue.

All dogs adopted from Funds for Pets Inc. within the city of Winnipeg must be licensed with the City of Winnipeg Animal Services.


Any information obtained through this and other forms are kept on record with Funds for Pets Inc. This information will not be shared with third parties, used in any solicitation, and will not be provided to any organization outside of Funds for Pets Inc. If you have any concerns, please contact us at